Financial Advisory Careers

Lazard is a special place where substance matters. As a true, global advisory firm, we compete on intellectual capital, not physical or financial capital.

Our Financial Advisory business deals with relevant problems that matter in an increasingly complicated world. As a member of our team, you will work alongside the industry’s most iconic and accomplished practitioners and have a front-row seat to some of the most complex, transformational and marquee deals in the marketplace. Your input will affect the outcome.

Lazard offers interns, full-time Analysts and Associates an unparalleled opportunity to work as part of small deal teams on strategic and other assignments, providing meaningful exposure to senior bankers and clients. You will learn by apprenticeship and osmosis, not through a text book.

Lazard’s Internship program offers a unique experience for students interested in starting their Investment Banking career.

An internship with Lazard is an excellent way of gaining a better understanding of the nature of our business and the culture of our firm. It will allow you to experience the role of an Analyst, while observing colleagues operating at every level in our business.

Our internship program has been designed to incorporate as many aspects of the role of an Analyst as possible, including involvement on active projects, with opportunities for increased responsibility, accountability and visibility on small deal teams. Specifically, our aim for your internship with Lazard is for you to: 

  • Receive firsthand, in-depth knowledge of the business
  • Gain practical experience of the type of work you would complete as an Analyst
  • Experience Lazard's culture and working style
  • Network with bankers of all levels of experience

Frankfurt and Munich offer 10-12 week internships to undergraduate and postgraduate students year-round. Interns will be given the opportunity to explore different groups through project assignments in all of our M&A industry groups and Restructuring. Associate and Analyst-level mentors are provided to ensure a fulfilling internship experience.

Successful interns may be extended full-time offers to join the firm as Analysts upon graduation. Considering this, applicants should be within one year of completion of their studies (bachelor or master).

Qualifications and Skills

  • Outstanding academic performance
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Independent and original thinking
  • Self-discipline and self-motivation
  • Ability and desire to work as part of a team
  • Good understanding of the banking environment
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Maturity and self-confidence
  • Global perspective

Please note that full-time permanent and internship positions require English fluency as well as German fluency on a conversational level.

Campus Recruitment Process: Step-by-Step Guide

The recruitment process has been designed to test and challenge you, as well as to give you the opportunity to find out more about Lazard. It also aims to give you the chance to learn more about our people and their careers and work at Lazard.  As you progress through the process you will also have the opportunity to meet people within the business with various backgrounds and experience. Please take the time to read our website as this will give you a good idea about the types of tasks you will be expected to complete and the types of strengths, skills and behaviors you will need to consistently demonstrate on a regular basis. 

Besides the overview chart of our recruitment process you will find information below on each of our recruitment stages.

We ask that you complete an online profile through Oleeo, which includes questions relating to educational background, work experience, and language fluency. Please attach your CV, Cover Letter, Grade Transcripts and Reference Letters. Ensure that your phone number and email address are correct as this is how you’ll be contacted. Also check your junk/spam folder given that application updates will be sent via email. You can update your Oleeo profile at any given time.

The next step is the Pre-Employment Assessments: An Aptitude Test, a Behavioural Trait Assessment, and a Video Assessment.

We use Assessments to give our candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their unique strengths and characteristics, which are relevant for the role, in an objective and unbiased way.  Later stages of the recruitment process may probe these results to help us further understand your capabilities and preferences.

The Assessments are designed to objectively assess candidates and provide our team with more insights into:

  • Your critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Your ability to take to training quickly and apply new learnings
  • Your behavioural traits and preferences, and the alignment of these with the role at Lazard and our organizational values

What to expect:

  • The Aptitude Assessment is a 15-minute timed test. The goal is to answer as many questions correctly as you can; there is no deduction in scoring for educated guesses.  If you get stuck, we suggest you make an educated guess and move on. Although you may not answer them all, try to answer as many as possible. Don’t spend too much time on any one question. You are NOT permitted to use calculators or any other problem-solving device.
  • The Behavioural Trait Assessment is untimed and takes approximately 10 minutes. Please make sure you are reading through the prompts carefully and answering as accurately as possible based on your preferences. After you complete the assessments, you will receive a copy of your Workplace Insights Report in your email. This personalised report highlights your strengths and potential challenges, heightening your self-awareness and helping you understand how to relate better to others in the workplace.
  • The Video Assessment will focus on some interview style questions around your motivation, cultural fit, and interest in our organization and industry.

The Assessments and Video Interview together take approximately 35-40 minutes to complete. You must complete these in one sitting.  Please ensure you have a stable internet connection before you begin. Make sure you are somewhere quiet and free from distractions so you can perform to your full potential.

Once you click on the Assessment link, if you experience technical difficulties or need support, please contact Criteria Support via the blue/green icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Please note, if you have already taken the Assessments in the last 12 months, you do not need to retake these. When you are invited to complete Assessments and the Video Interview, it will prompt you to complete only the Video Interview.


Candidates who are shortlisted from the Assessments will be invited to in-person interviews with our bankers. We are just as interested in your personality and individuality as we are about your academic and extra-curricular achievements. Interviews also cover a range of different competencies, questions around Lazard, the financial markets, world affairs and some technical financial questions.

If you have any questions about the graduate/intern recruitment process, please send us an email.


In case you cannot find an opening for Frankfurt/Munich, we have already filled all vacancies for the upcoming months or are still selecting and reviewing the candidates that have already applied. 
Although we have no application deadlines, we strongly recommend that you apply as soon as we open the applications for each period.

We usually post our vacancies for the respective periods in the year ahead as follows, subject to change without notice:

Q1 – in February
Q2 – in May
Q3 – mid August
Q4 – December

Since we intend to fill all our Analyst positions from our pool of interns, you should be available for full-time entry as follows:

Internship period:                                      Available for full-time entry: 

Start in January or February                     August of the respective year at the latest

Start March – December                          January - August of the following year at the latest

If you have any further questions about the graduate/intern recruitment process, please send an email to

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