Shareholder Activism

Lazard's review of shareholder activism compiles and analyzes data on key activism trends globally.

The report tracks shareholder activism campaigns by region, by capital deployment and by campaign objective, such as to sweeten or scuttle an existing deal, force a break-up or divestiture, or compel the sale of a company.

Analysts for Lazard’s Shareholder Advisory also monitor activist identity, how many board seats activists have secured in the most recent quarter and compare the data with prior quarters to put the data in its proper historical context.

Our Most Recent Activism Report

Annual Review of Shareholder Activism - 2023

Lazard’s 2023 review of shareholder activism highlights key trends and data in shareholder activism activity throughout the year. New campaign activity in 2023 represented a 7% increase year-over-year and an all-time record for activity in Europe and APAC.