Taking Action on Climate Change


September 01, 2022


Climate change is perhaps the most significant economic disruption of our lifetimes. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) now projects that the planet is on course to exceed a rise in average temperature of 1.5°C within the next decade — sooner than had been expected just a few years ago.

Increasingly, asset owners, governments, and consumers are recognizing the gravity of global warming and the need for immediate action to slow its current trajectory. For their part, asset managers have launched a spate of products that aim to address climate change in response to growing demand from investors to allocate their capital in a climate-conscious way. The direction of travel is clear, and the global commitment to fighting climate change continues to gain momentum.

Against this backdrop, in this issue of Perspectives, Lazard Asset Management outlines its belief that the greatest opportunities for investors will come from the development of novel products and services aimed at combatting climate change.

Click here to read the September issue of Lazard Perspectives.

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