Avent Tong


Avent Tong headshot


Financial Advisory


Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Avent Tong is a Director in the Greater China team, based in Hong Kong.

Avent has a broad range of experience in the industry, gained from financial advisory (investment banking), private equity investment, and financial management positions.

Avent specializes in public transactions in Hong Kong market, including takeovers and privatizations of Hong Kong-listed companies. He is a responsible officer licensed with the Hong Kong SFC and qualified to advise (in sole capacity) on public takeovers and mergers.

Our offices in Hong Kong

Lazard has been active in Asia-Pacific for more than 40 years.

With professionals located in Beijing and Hong Kong since the 2000s, the Greater China Financial Advisory team has established long-term strategic relationships with leading Chinese enterprises, multinational corporations and financial sponsors, providing advice on mergers and acquisitions, equity financing, restructuring and other strategic matters.

Today, the Lazard Greater China Financial Advisory team is one of the strongest cross-border M&A teams in the APAC region.

Lazard Asset Management has been working with investors in Asia since 1987. The APAC Asset Management team has well-established businesses in the region, incorporating sales, marketing, client service and reporting, legal and compliance and trading teams, in addition to its core investment management capabilities.