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33.86184º S, 151.209519º E | 8:47:09 AM AEST

About the Office

Our Sydney office opened in 1994. With a vibrant, growing market, and geographical relevance as part of the Asia Pacific region, Australia is an important constituent of Lazard's global network. Sydney is the financial centre of Australia, with Lazard's office located in the premier Gateway Building on Sydney's famous Circular Quay. 

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Lazard Asset Management Pacific Co.

Level 12, Gateway
1 Macquarie Place

Sydney NSW 2000

Directions for your visit

The Lazard Asset Management Sydney office is located in the Gateway Building. The building is most easily accessed through the entrance on the corner of Reiby Place and Loftus Street. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Private Parking is available (entrance at 25 Reiby Place) underneath the building.

Visitors may proceed directly to the lifts up to our office. Upon arrival, please use our internal directory (accessible via phone) to dial the extension of your party. Visitors will be greeted by their host.

Our office may be reached by public transport. Visitors may take the Sydney Trains City Circle Line to Circular Quay Station.

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