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GoToMyPC Login

Lazard email address:

GoToMyPC Password:

1. Login using your Lazard email address (e.g., and the first password created during the GoToMyPC setup on your office PC.

2. Click the "Connect" button next to your "Office PC" (or similar choice) on the next screen.

3. You may get a dialog box that asks you to install GoToMyPC software. Choose 'Yes', 'Open' or 'Run'.

4. In the pop-up box that follows, enter your "Access Code" (the second password you created) and your "Radius Credential", also known as your 'Passcode'. Your passcode is your 4-digit PIN followed by the SecurID token-code. DO NOT enter your Lazard user-id on this screen.

For Help Desk Use: GoToAssist

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