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Consumer Pulse Survey July 2020

Jul 17 2020

Lazard’s Middle Market Consumer, Food and Retail Group, in partnership with CH Consulting Advisors, surveyed more than 1,000 consumers across a range of demographics about their past, current, and expected future food purchase behavior.

Consumer Pulse Survey July 2020

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Meal Consumption

Most respondents prefer cooking at home

  • Consumers report having decreased dining in restaurants significantly, down 70% from pre-COVID levels to account for only 3% of weekly meals today
  • Consumers reported offsetting that decrease almost entirely with scratch cooking at home, which jumped to account for 57% of weekly meals from 50% pre-COVID

In-restaurant dining is likely to suffer for a while

  • No matter what happens with COVID over the next six months, consumers currently expect that their in-restaurant dining will, at best, return to only 70% of pre-COVID levels

Safety Priority

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