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About the Office

Lazard opened its office in the Western Australian capital of Perth in October 2010. Perth is the business centre of this resource rich state, which has experienced an unprecedented resources boom over the last decade. In establishing our financial advisory presence in Western Australia, Lazard is well positioned to bring our unique brand of independent advice to the Perth marketplace.

Lazard Pty Limited

Level 27
108 St. Georges Terrace

Perth WA 6000

Directions for your visit

The Lazard Perth office is located in 108 St Georges Terrace, at the intersection of William Street and St Georges Terrace.

Access to our office is via the lifts located nearest to the St Georges Terrace entrance, on the right-hand side of the main lobby. As the lifts are destination controlled, visitors will need to enter the desired level number. Our office is to the left of the lifts. We kindly ask visitors to ring the bell on the entrance door upon their arrival. Visitors will be greeted by their host.

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