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Intern Recruitment Process: Stage-by-Stage Guide

Benelux, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Thank you for your interest in applying to Lazard. The recruitment process has been designed to test and challenge you, as well as to give you the opportunity to find out more about Lazard. It also aims to give you the chance to learn more about our people and their careers and work at Lazard.  As you progress through the process you will also have the opportunity to meet people within the business with various backgrounds and experience. Please take the time to read our website as this will give you a good idea about the types of tasks you will be expected to complete and the types of strengths, skills and behaviours you will need to consistently demonstrate on a regular basis. 

Besides the overview chart of our recruitment process, below you will find information on each of our recruitment stages. 

Intern stage by stage guide


Stage 1 - Online Application

We ask that you complete an online profile, through Taleo, which includes information such as grades, skills, work experience and language skills. 

Here are some guidance notes for you.

  • Always attach to your profile CV, Cover Letter and Grade Overview. Reference Letters, if available, are appreciated 
  • Ensure that your phone number and email address are correct as this is the only way we can contact you
  • Your Taleo profile is live so you can update it at any time 

We endeavour to process your application in a timely manner.

Should you meet the requirements you’ll be invited to the Situational Judgement Test.

Stage 2 + 3 - Online Assessment - Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and Video Assessment

Please ensure you have a stable internet connection before you get started. These two assessments must be completed within 7 days.

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

The Situational Judgement Test presents you with different scenarios that you might face in the role in Lazard and asks you to decide on the most effective and the least effective course of action. The SJT has been specifically designed to provide you with a realistic preview of what it is like to work in Lazard and assesses:

  • your natural ability to analyse situations and make decisions
  • your ability to think about the implications of your actions and weigh up the best course of action
  • your approach to working, collaborating and communicating with others
  • your ability to work quickly through specific job related problems

How to work through the SJT effectively 

  • Be yourself and go with your first natural response. We want to understand who you are and what value you will add to Lazard. Please try not to think about the scenarios for too long; it is more effective to read the scenario and go with your first reaction or natural response to what you think is the most effective and least effective course of action.
  • Read each scenario properly and in detail. Please take time to read each scenario properly, ensuring that you understand the task or the situation in order to be able to give your natural response. If you rush through the questions too quickly, you may misinterpret something or misunderstand the scenario posed to you and therefore provide an incorrect answer.
  • Familiarise yourself with Lazard, our values, and the type of work we specialise in. You can’t practice for a Situational Judgement Test as it assesses your judgement and decision making skills, and your fit for our specific organisation and culture. However, reading our website, familiarizing yourself with what we do and the role you have applied for will help you complete the test. You should try and make sure you have done some background reading and preparation on what it is like to work for Lazard and who we are as an organisation before taking the test.

If you are successful in passing the Situational Judgement Test, you will be invited to participate in a short Video Assessment.

Video Assessment

The Video Assessment should not take longer than 20 minutes (excluding a quick preparation time) and will focus on some interview style questions around your motivation, cultural fit and interest in our organisation and the industry.

How to work through the Video Assessment effectively

  • Draw upon your past experiences and situations where you have best demonstrated particular competencies
  • Take full advantage of interview workshops that your university career services centre may run, as this will give you invaluable practice and feedback
  • Make sure you are in a quiet room where you will be free from background noise, distractions or interruptions
  • Treat the Video Assessment in the same way as you would an in-person interview by presenting yourself smartly

If you are successful in passing the Video Assessment, you will be invited to face-to-face interviews.

Stage 4 - Interviews

Those candidates who are shortlisted from the Video Assessment will be invited to in-person interviews with our bankers. We are just as interested in your personality and individuality as we are about your academic and extra-curricular achievements. Interviews also cover a range of different competencies, questions around Lazard, the financial markets, world affairs and some technical financial questions.


You have not found the vacancy you are looking for?

In case you cannot find any suitable openings, please keep visiting our CAREER SECTION on our Website regularly as new opportunities are published on a regular basis.



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