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Employee Networks

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Our culture of empowerment encourages employees to build communities that are meaningful to them. Our people have formed an evolving, growing array of employee networks and affinity groups to share experiences, knowledge and build a better understanding of each other.

Asian Alliance

Asian Alliance Network

The Asian Alliance Network supports the Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community by: providing networking, mentorship, and leadership opportunities; supporting Asian recruitment, retention and professional development; celebrating our rich cultures, histories and traditions through regular gatherings, guest speakers and community outreach; and raising awareness of issues facing the Asian and AAPI community.

BAAEN Lazard

Black & African American Employee Network

The Black and African American Employee Network provides an empowering environment and a meaningful sense of inclusion for Black and African American community at Lazard. Through communal engagement, events, volunteering, and mentorship, the network connects and supports Black and African American professionals, and raises awareness of topics related to the community.

Lazard Family Network

Lazard Family Network

 The Family Network aims to promote awareness and create a flexible and inclusive working environment to enable all Lazard employees, regardless of their family circumstances, to manage their work and family life effectively.     




Lazard Green

Lazard Green is an employee-led interest group that brings awareness to environmental issues and provides a forum for collaboration and innovative solutions to reduce Lazard’s environmental footprint.

   Lazard Somos

Lazard Somos

The Lazard Somos works to cultivate a platform of unity and empowerment, where like-minded colleagues support and provide mentorship for each other. We strive to educate and bring awareness to the richness of our cultures and history via guest speakers, sharing stories and information, and giving back to our communities.


LEAD Lazard


Multigenerational employee-driven initiative cultivating development and engagement through education, professional skills, networking and philanthropy.

Lazard plus

Lazard Plus

Lazard Plus aims to promote awareness and create a more inclusive work environment through relevant training, events and other initiatives that support the recruitment and progression of employees from diverse ethnicities, cultural heritage and nationalities.​

Lazard Proud


Lazard Proud

LazardProud promotes a supportive and inclusive environment for the LGBTQ+ and ally community at Lazard. The network does this by generating awareness of the key issues facing LGBTQ+ people and by fostering engagement with the community through facilitating educational and social events and partnering with relevant non-profits to support impactful causes.

Lazard Veterans Network

Lazard Veterans Network

The Lazard Veterans Network provides a network for service members, military families and friends to explore shared interests and learn from each other. The group helps members with the onboarding and transition to Lazard, honors military service and broadens the understanding of the military experience among non-veterans.

LWL Lazard

Lazard Women's Leadership Network

Lazard Women’s LeadershipNetwork (LWLN) provides development and networking opportunities with a focus on diversity awareness.




Lazard’s purpose is to serve clients. From our beginning, this basic premise has shaped our culture and structure.

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Diversity at Lazard

We are proud of the rich cultural diversity of our people, and we continue to increase Lazard’s overall diversity. 

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