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Sovereign Advisory

Lazard is the preeminent financial advisor to governments and other sovereign entities around the world. We provide clients with tailored and innovative guidance on all aspects of public sector operations, including policy and financial issues.
Our team is a remarkably stable and influential group with a wealth of personal experience. It includes senior bankers, former lawyers, and former high-level civil servants from national treasuries and central banks. We have gathered experience and relationships in advising more than 40 sovereign clients across every continent in the last 30 years.

Areas of Expertise

Debt Management, Debt Issuance and Debt Consolidation

In matters of debt restructuring, we only advise governments and sovereign clients – not private creditors opposite a sovereign entity. Our clients benefit from our extensive network of relationships, both at the operational level and with political decision makers. We also advise our clients on obtaining the best terms for global debt issuance.

Strategic Advisory in the Infrastructure Sector

We are skilled at managing complex projects in the infrastructure sector, such as mining, oil and gas, power, transport, and other vital areas. We advise from start to finish, including investor mobilization, coordination, and monitoring, as well as all aspects of project financing.

FDI Management

Lazard is a global leader in helping countries attract and manage foreign investment. Our global network of relationships with multinational business leaders is an invaluable source of information and potential investors. 

Macro-Policy Advisory

The core of Lazard's Sovereign Advisory practice is advising on government finance. We are often called in when a crisis occurs, but we prefer to help our clients build solid financial foundations before troubles arise.

Our most senior bankers and advisors assist our clients with sensitive fiscal and monetary policy issues, including budget, balance of payments, interest rates and exchange rates.

Micro-Policy Advisory

Lazard helps countries build vital institutions within the public, private, and financial sectors. In the public sector restructuring, Lazard is a global leader in privatizations. In private and financial sector development, we advise on building solid foundations for institutional growth.

Recent Transactions

21 Sep 2022

Germany [Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action]

$16,477 Million

19 Sep 2022

Ecuador [Republic of Ecuador]

$3,200 Million

29 Jul 2022

Canada Development Investment Corporation

$117 Million

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