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Shareholder Advisory

Lazard’s dedicated Shareholder Advisory team serves corporate leaders and board directors with relevant, timely insights on shareholders. We work closely with Lazard’s industry groups and practice specialists to create defenses against activists or unsolicited takeover attempts, and to build shareholder support for strategic transactions. 

Our team includes professionals with decades of expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, law, corporate governance, and data analytics. 

Areas of Expertise

Shareholder Insights

We conduct strategic assessments and monitoring of each client’s shareholder base, leveraging our proprietary databases, sophisticated data analytics, and the combined expertise of our team.

Engagement Strategies

We help our clients develop and implement proactive shareholder engagement strategies based on a thorough understanding of why and how investors hold stakes in their companies. 

Corporate Preparedness

We help companies view their shareholder bases strategically, creating preventive measures against unsolicited activity such as hostile approaches or activist campaigns. In the event of an attack, we work closely with Lazard’s industry sector teams to create and execute defense strategy.


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